Environment and Sustainable Development

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The global loose from just three types of natural hazards which are windstorms, floods, and earthquakes. It consumes huge amounts of limited available capital and significantly reduces resources for new investment.

In developing countries, the parallel problems of underdevelopment, environmental degradation, and rapidly expanding population pose severe constrains on the ability to cope with natural hazards. Both pre-disaster planning and post-disaster recovery periods offer opportunities to strengthen local organizational capacity to facilitate long term social, economic, and physical development. The achievement of sustainable development through pre-disaster planning and recovery and the role that international aid plays in linking natural-hazards reduction to sustainable development are crucial things to achieve.


The global losses can be assessed by making use of wide variety of sources from government compilations, scientific publications, and media accounts. Human deaths usually used to quantify the loss. Its counts are the most consistently recorded type of hazard loss throughout the world. Thus, it appears to be the best indicator of loss in comparisons between disasters in developed and developing countries. Developed…
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