Environment and the Five Main Business Functions

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Mobile Satellite Group and Sumpo Insurance company are two different types of companies in Singapore. Mobile Satellite's serves the shipping industry in Singapore as well as overseas. Sumpo Insurance serves customers in Singapore as well as Japan. Both companies possess long histories of success and have fair share of effect in terms of environmental issues that has affected their business functions. My report will compare and contrast each company's environmental issues in relation to the business function so that the reader would gain a better understanding of each respective company.

Environmental issues affecting marketing.

Mobile satellite proves satellite services to the shipping industry in Singapore as well as
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Sumpo's operational management is focused on the introduction of the product, the packaging and suitability to her clients. From their view point of operation management environmentalism requires a through assessment of all processes which strives for continuous improvement in various input of their product. This includes their vision to improve policies programmes and environmental performance like taking into account their technical development and understanding consumer needs and community expectations.


Mobile Satellite's approach to environmental issues is taken care of with the injecting of various software programmes like management information system (Appendix 2) into their design process thereby avoiding environmental problems before they occur. The assessment of the environmental friendliness is based on their life long product and cost cutting like discounts and distribution to resellers.

Sumpo on the other hand, inject into various types of insurances. Her product is designed to suit the needs of newcomers. The availability with the use of the Internet is regularly reviewed in the light of environmental opportunities so that the acquired product van gains a competitive advantage.

Human Resource Management.

The Mobile Satellite group consist about 200 staff in various departments like marketing, Sales and administration. Working in a highly technological globalization they are forced to accept environmental changes in terms
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