Environment vs. Economy: Is There an Environmental Crisis? Essay

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Environment vs. Economy
Is there an environmental crisis? Is there an environmental crisis? Expert opinions vary. The Wingspread Conference Center in January of 1998 came to this conclusion: “We believe there is compelling evidence that damage to humans and the worldwide environment is of such magnitude and seriousness, that new principles for conducting human activities are necessary.” The need for environmental peace is at a greater demand than it used to be. Extremist, Peter Rossi, believes the real enemy of the environment is poverty. He states, “Economic growth is meant to lead to pollution, habitat loss, global warming cultural homogenization, exploitation of the poor and war for oil,” (The Real Environmental Crisis). The
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K. (1999). Destruction of rainforests contributes to global warming and by 2030 more than fifty percent of the Amazon will be destroyed. This will speed up global warming. Another one of the serious ecological problems is that 1 out of every 4 mammals is at risk of extinction. In our lifetime we could witness the dying out of thousands of known species. The rate of habitat loss is only growing, so animals in areas like Central Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America do not have much hope. It may require more costs in the beginning to use alternative energy sources, for example, but it is quickly recovered soon after the beginning of energy generation. Since we can’t reduce our population, we need to do what we can to ensure our own survival, and switching from harmful fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is a big step (Beckman, W. H. (2004).
There is not an environmental crisis.
The Economist, a British weekly newsmagazine, believes the environment is improving. Other opinions also agree. The food companies are always going to keep producing food, and consumers will keep buying food. No matter how expensive it is, consumers will still buy food for themselves and family. According to The Economist, the effects of global warming have not been as catastrophic as predicted. In fact, we have had great success in
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