Environmental Activism And Its Impact On Society

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In the past, environmental groups utilized alternative communication like direct mail, newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, books, as well as colorful images of nature and wildlife displayed in coffee table books, calendars and posters (see Ch. 3 & 4). Environmental activism now extends to video, animation, infographics, the web, mobile devices and content shared on social media (see Ch. 6 & 7). There is concern the majority of content caters to interested audiences. In my view, for the world to fundamentally change empowerment must come not only from those at the fringe willing to take a chance, more from the mainstream must participate in the fight to preserve the world for the future. This book has shown, photographers, activists and individuals are slowly making a difference. More communication needs to be localized and context specific. Those knowledgeable need to work with others at the local level. Learn the community’s perceptions and attitude toward the specific topic. Then, work with stakeholders in the community to construct an appropriate message for the particular audience so that it is relevant to them. Get people involved with others in the local community like agencies or groups actively doing something, and reach out to others that may not be aware of the issue. Make communication personal such as a connection to a specific location or place and that it is clear why the issue is important for them. For example, show/explain how poor air quality
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