Environmental Analysis And Market Research

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SECTION 2 - Environmental Analysis and Market Research Macro environment analysis is the process of reviewing all the factors that the company itself is unable to control. In the business environment macro environment analysis is performed in order to be up-to-date issues that the business can face upcoming coming years. Macro environment analysis is normally done through PESTLE analysis which includes political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal aspects of a business environment. The main purpose the analysis is for strategy development which will leverage these uncontrollable factors. PESTEL Analysis The PESTEL analysis is a tool used by marketers to monitor and analyze the external environmental factors such as the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal which can affect the company in some way or the other. This helps prevent threats as well as create opportunities allowing the company to have control over its position in the market. Political and Legal Factors Heinz Wattie is expected to be affected by political conditions of  United States and other countries in the market like in the past. Changes in laws and regulation, including changes in taxation law, consumer law, accounting standards and estimates, export and import restrictions, changes in currency rates, political disturbance and terrorism are some of the can impact their finance and daily operations.  The sovereign debt crisis in Europe and other
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