Environmental Analysis Article Of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

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Environmental analysis article of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

KFC chicken scandal: Braamfontein owner under fire
The hosing down of discarded KFC chicken in Braamfontein relates to a new policy implemented by the owner, Solomon Malebane, who also runs 22 other outlets.
*This article had been updated with comment from the National Consumer Commission.
The owner of the Braamfontein KFC restaurant has been instructed to stop the policy that he introduced just weeks ago relating to discarded chicken, after staff was caught on camera washing chicken on a concrete floor.
Focus on wastage
KFC Africa Managing Director Doug Smart told Health24 although KFC has a standard process for discarding chicken, the owner introduced further measures.
"The franchisee of the Braamfontein restaurant …show more content…

Smart noted that KFC also has strict processes in place when it comes to food disposal. "The raw and cooked chickens are always kept separate and are sealed in designated bags that are clearly labelled. These bags are placed in distinct containers and stored for collection."
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KFC took swift action after consumers went into a state of panic, over the weekend after images and a video emerged of staff hosing down chicken, thinking that they could have been served the chicken.
“We want our customers to know that we take this very seriously and have taken action to make sure this does not happen again,” said Smart.
The Braamfontein restaurant was temporarily closed to get to the bottom of the incident. KFC also took to social media and ran a full page print advertisement to apologise to

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