Environmental Analysis Assignment On The State Of Illinois

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Environmental Analysis Assignment For the State of Illinois, The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, or Illinois EPA, is primarily concerned with the protection of the environment of the state of Illinois. The agency is divided into three bureaus: air, land and water pollution. Region 5, of the US Environmental Protections Agency’s Regional Offices, which executes its programs in six states, one of which being Illinois, where environmental issues are being monitored. Of the many issues found in the state, hydraulic fracturing is of great concern. Shale gas is a type of unconventional natural gas that is found in low-permeability sedimentary formations. Unlike conventional gas, which migrates from the rocks where it was formed to…show more content…
This allegedly prevents the ground from sagging while allowing for its porosity, and the migration of gas to be extracted (Hussein et al, 2013). This technique is responsible for greatly increasing the world’s resources of recoverable natural gas. In the U.S., for example, for the $71 trillion cubic meters of total recoverable reserves, $24 trillion are related to shale gas reserves, according to the International Energy (IEA) (Water Environment Federation, 2012). The change of scenery was such that the U. S. began importing LNG for potential exporters of natural gas. With the realization that it was possible to extract gas from shale formations, natural gas already being figured as a transition fuel to clear energy sources, had reaffirmed this role. However, not everything is a bed of roses, this new opportunity to obtain natural gas has been accompanied by some questions about the negative impacts that hydraulic fracturing may have on the environment. The biggest concerns are the large amount of water used throughout the process, and the possible contamination of groundwater by the gas and the chemicals that are present in water used in the activity (Hussein et al, 2013) In addition to the common danger to any type of drilling, such as loss of use of land, lots of industrial waste, pollution and compromised quality of life for residents of the areas near the wells, there are also potentially associated risks to own
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