Environmental Analysis Paper

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Environmental Analysis Paper

Strategies for Competitive Advantage

Environmental Analysis Paper
"A host of external factors influence a firm's choice of direction and action and, ultimately, its organizational structure and internal processes" (Pearce and Robinson, 2004). These factors are the basis for the forces and trends research. This essay presents the research on forces and trends as they affect specific businesses. This research will allow businesses to identify not only forces and trends, but also challenges and opportunities.

General Electric-
In the energy/utility industry, technological forces and trends are important factors to identify and understand. This may include creative technological
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GE has started a solid oxide fuel program which will enable more cost effective solutions in energy generation. This program provides a continuous flow of power at high temperatures which greatly enhances energy efficiency. In addition, GE has more than 35 years of experience in design, supply and support of geothermal plants. This is another option to drive energy at a lower temperature heat at a reduced cost. Hydroelectric power is yet another source of energy that is widespread across the world. GE is determined to improve efficiency and make it a more cost-effective source of power. Researchers are working on cutting-edge technologies that will provide better hydroelectric turbines to do the job. Developing and maintaining load capacity flexibility by meeting current and future consumption is just one of the major key challenges. In addition, there are growing environmental concerns that need to be integrated into the overall strategy along with infrastructure requirements and capital availability. Major environmental concerns to the public, policy makers and industrial executives are the substantial increase in carbon dioxide emissions related to fossil fuel consumption. Coal represents the most available and economical commodity. These demands will provide challenges that will lead to operational,

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