Environmental Analysis Paper in Starbucks

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Environmental Analysis Paper Macroeconomic Forecast The importance of economic indicators to the strategic planning process in any organization is the ability to benchmark economic conditions that contribute to improve profitability, business growth and market size. Starbucks strategy is also expanding market in globally to provide high quality coffee in convenient and visibility locations. They are continuing to innovate and extend the business with imaginative new ready-to-drink beverages and expanded packaged coffee offerings (Starbucks Financial release, 2007). Starbucks Corporation has established by purchasing high quality coffee beans and sells the customers along with a variety a specialty drinks and food that has met with an…show more content…
They have been working the risks of climate change for their business and reduce GHG emissions (Starbucks Environment Affairs, 2007). Political and Legal Issues Starbucks committed safety environments to reduce the risk of injuries for their partners and customers. They have completed anti-slip floor mats in California company-operated stores to address workforce safety issues and introduced new digital brewing equipment and automated espresso machines to reduce the risk of burns for employees. Starbucks conducted all applicable labor laws for their partners and followed International Labor Organization's Declaration of the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. They developed Tax Policy that maintains incentives for increased productivity and provided trade policy for intellectual property, trademarks and promote transparency on U.S and foreign governments of the trading relationship. Although the coffee retailing industry is not currently under regulations to add nutritional labeling, Starbucks plans labeling for their food-packaged products and non-packaged items to avoid lawsuits. Customers require nutrition information to be labeled how much caffeine is included for health consciousness (Starbucks Corporation, 2007). Technology and Systems Starbucks helped to improve sustainable coffee farming by providing (Geographic Information System) Technology
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