Environmental Analysis Report

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ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS REPORT Introduction: The change in any singular factor in a society can have an impact that effect far and wide. A society, with its citizen, composed of social-cultural, economic, technological, and other such indicators is always struggling to find a balance for itself. However, this balance, is a very sensitive an element, which can trigger off to any one direction with the minutest of thing. In this report, it is this very study that is being conducted, with focus on the impact of the sports industry and how the various socio-cultural and economic factors can attribute towards the success or the failure of this industry. The report would try to find out the impact that the changing lifestyle in Australia and particularly in the region of Queensland is having on the over-all development of the Sports Industry. Has the change in lifestyle meant an awareness which is driving people to be more active, thus creating a booming industry? More importantly, the question which needs to be explored is how the current trends which have become visible in the statistics can be further used to develop the industry in a way that profits can be created. SECTION 1: Identifying and Assessing Macro-environmental Trends Economical: Inflation rates: The Inflation rate in Australia at the moment has been growing as a steady rate, but it hasn't been too drastic to cause any serious concern. The CPI Indicator for the year 2011-2012 has shown an increase of
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