Environmental Analysis of an Adult Day Care

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St. Joseph Adult Day Care (JADC) is a hypothetical nonprofit family owned business founded by Caroline Sherman. Mrs. Sherman and husband Joseph will provide in-home care to these families allowing the immediate care provider a respite for the day or several hours to tend to personal business that otherwise could not be done because of the responsibilities and demands of providing care to their loved ones. Mrs. Sherman has been involved with the health care industry for over 10 years and holds a bachelor degree in health care administration; his husband Joseph, has been a volunteer in nursing homes over the period of her mother's stay in a residential home.


According to Bryson and
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This threat can also be seen as a catalyst to thrive to succeed in the community and get share of the market segment. However, St. Joseph Adult Day Care is in sense a no threat to its competition because they are already established in the industry and in the community and have a claim to the market segment. Until St. Joseph Adult day Care gets established and operational it must be assumed that St. Luke Adult day Care will not see it as a threat, however, as the market segment begins to shrink because of St. Joseph Adult Day Care impression on the market then it will react accordingly to the threat. Mrs. Sherman will need to remain cognizant this imminent threat to the business and have strategic plans to frustrate the competition when this does in fact occur.


Sharma, et al (1997), proposes that business must incorporate into the strategic planning process to ensure continuity and stability operations when the time comes to put succession into action. There are four issues that need to be addressed with family succession: succession planning, succession timing, interest of the next generation, and who chooses the successor. The issues must all be determined and planned for while developing strategic plan for the family business so that goals and quality service and products are achieved and the business makes a name in the community.


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