Environmental And Social Factors During Adolescence

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Environmental and social factors during adolescence definitely have an effect on how an adolescent develops. Whether it is through parenting styles, the environment an adolescent grows up around or the people an adolescent is associated with. Research done by Bratlien et al (2014) suggests that environmental factors during adolescence can be associated with later development of psychotic disorders. This study suggests that a decrease in social support, cognitive functioning and problems or stress within family life all relate to the development of a psychotic disorder. Surveying adolescent’s fifteen to sixteen year olds with and without a psychosis disorder tested this hypothesis. Testing was done for this study by questioning the…show more content…
The method that they used to test this hypothesis was by testing 268 participants; ages 8-25 in order to see what differences in development as to feedback learning consisted at different ages. The participants were taken from schools and communities that were local. The feedback learning task that participants performed was done while the participant was getting an MRI. The participants were instructed to look at a screen where they were shown three boxes, given a stimulus and asked to sort each stimulus to the correct square. If they put the stimulus in the correct box they would get positive feedback which was a plus sign in that box or negative feedback which was a negative sign in their box. There were 15 sequences in total for the participant to do. Results from this study showed that in general all participants had a high learning rate and there was no difference between male and female. Participants of the same age group all had around the same learning abilities. Learning abilities increased as age increased as well. It was also noted that as adolescents age the frontoparietal network becomes more activated in response to feedback during learning. It was found that activity in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) , superior parietal cortex (SPC) , and pre-supplementary motor area (Pre-SMA) /anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) after
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