Environmental And Social Influences Of A Person 's Environment

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Environmental and Social Influences Studies have shown the impact a person’s environment can have on their upbringing, their attitude, their personality, and how they adapt or handle tough situations. No truer words are apparent with adolescents and how their environments can lead to substance abuse. For many adolescents, risk factors, such as family problems and community violence frequently lead to substance abuse (McWhirter et al., 2013). Society is very good at encouraging people just to do about anything. Though they may not go right out and say, “Go do this, or do that”, they sugarcoat it through subliminal messages, also known as commercials, television programs, movies, and advertisements. During a stage where adolescents are vulnerable and easily influenced, it is not too farfetched to think they will practice what they see. Companies that advertise alcoholic products make them seem glamorous and make the experience seem exciting. It is simpler to say that each person makes their own decisions, which affirms the first amendment of “freedom of choice”; however, it is necessary to recognize that at some point it becomes difficult to avoid all these possible addictions when they are plastered at every corner. Violence in the household or in the community are common predictors for substance and alcohol users. Recent research studies have shown that, “…heavy episodic drinking and marijuana use were risk factors for the perpetration of dating violence; … alcohol use was
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