Environmental Aspects Of The University Of Waterloo

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Using the process for significance determination it is clear which environmental aspects are affecting the University of Waterloo to an extent that action must be taken. The first activity that was looked at was buildings, equipment, lighting, and use devices across campus. The environmental aspect of this is the electricity used from the Ontario grid, which is approximated to be 95,000,000 kWh per year. It was concluded that this activity impacts the organization’s energy usage, and well as resource usage (Table 2). Taking this into consideration with questions for significance is when it was realized that the organization should take action. This is because the severity of this activity was rated a 3/5, the probability a 4/5, and the frequency a 5/5 (Table 2.1). This activity was given this ranking on the grounds that this activity is dramatically affecting the air quality, water quality, and impacting climate change. Also the organization can only control the usage of electricity so much as it is needed in the daily operations of the university. The university also cannot control of influence type or source of power generation. Due to this, the activity was given an overall ranking of 12. Following #4 from the process for significance determination any activity given a ranking of over 10 calls for action from the organization. The next activity looked at was the natural gas combustion in boilers and heaters. The aspect of this activity is 2.1 tonnes per year of
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