Environmental Assessment : Arizona Eye Institute ( Aei ) Will Scan For Environmental Changes

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ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT Arizona Eye Institute (AEI) will scan for environmental changes, new events and trends in the marketplace. Hillestad and Berkowitz (2013) contend that external environment marketing strategies must be planned around major changes, events and trends by continuously developing an environmental scanning process. This environmental process will monitor and screen for local and macro trends that affect the organization 's strategy. The environmental assessment is a formal process used to predict the environmental outcomes (positive or negative) of an organization 's plan, policy, or projects prior to the decision to move forward with the proposed action. Organizations that assess the following environmental trends:…show more content…
AEI will need to reflect these changes in their promotional strategy, marketing, and educating employees. Regulations, Law and Policy. LASIK was formally approved by the FDA in1999 and the FDA has the authority to regulate all kinds of lasers including those used in medicine. Since the FDA (2014) does not approve procedures, only the equipment used in them and the components of the procedure, AEI 's laser suite already has two lasers that have already been approved for FDA use. The IntraLase femtosecond laser and the Alcon Allegretto excimer are equipment approved by the FDA. While both these lasers will not need to obtain approval for these devices. Monitoring the regulatory environment is important in any marketing plan Hillestad and Berkowitz (2013), therefore AEI will continue to observe for changes both state and federal laws. The laws on LASIK according to the FDA are simple but important to all consumers. Mullin (2008) argues that with the amount of complaints regarding physicians not completely disclosing risks prior to surgery, the FDA (2014) has imposed conditions related to the use of the lasers on certain patients. First, patients have to be eighteen years and older with stable eyesight, no LASIK procedure during pregnancy and on those with having eye disease in the past. The FDA (2014) has also sent letters reminding eye care professionals of their legal responsibility to provide balanced information about medical products. Violators are

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