Environmental Assessments And Environmental Impact Assessments

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This document summarizes the Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), within the Canadian oil and gas industry, on both the Federal and Ontario Provincial levels. It factors in the necessary transportation, processes and infrastructure that will be be required for the implementation of the proposed investment.

Strategic Environmental Assessment
I. Transportation
a. Federal & Provincial Rail Regulation
b. Transatlantic ii. Refinery
a. Partial Refinement
Environmental Impact Assessment: Physical Infrastructure
i. Refinery ii. Storage Fields iii. Rail Infrastructure
Safety Regulations
i. Shipping
European Union Regulations
i. Life Cycle Regulation ii. Climate Change Mitigation
Other Considerations
i. Treaty Rights
Canadian Life Cycle Assessments ii. Energy Sector Examples

I. Strategic Environmental Assessment
The aim of an SEA is to ensure that all aspects of the proposed investment (i.e. the transport and refinement processes), in terms of the policy and planning, have taken into consideration the environment and possible sources of sustainability. This must be done on both a provincial, Ontario, and a national level.
The transportation of oil and gas from Western Canada to the German receiver port will require Federal Rail regulation, as well as Ontario Rail regulations. These Rail regulations cover the portion of the transportation from Western Canada to the Great Lakes. Regulations
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