Environmental Awareness And The Environment

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Our environment is a shared resource that has increasingly been threatened by the rapid expansion of the extractive industry to keep up with demands driven by consumerism. The deterioration of the environment, threatens the earth 's natural resources such as our clean water, fossil fuels for energy and food. One attribute that I believe is crucial to good citizenship is having environmental awareness and educating others about it because the health of the environment is not only a political issue, but an issue that endangers the survival of human beings. Having environmental awareness is to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. Preserving the environment that we live in for future generations is…show more content…
One thing people can contribute to protect the environment is by focusing on education because schools and universities play a significant role in generating environmental awareness among children and the youth who are the generation that will make the biggest impact in the future. Across the world, several national and international seminars, conferences and workshops have stressed the need for environmental education. In 1972, the United Nations Conference on Human Environment at Stockholm played an important role in the start of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). In 1975, UNESCO held an International Workshop on Environmental Education (ICEE) to identify the guiding fundamentals of promoting environmental education. It was followed by the International Conference on Environmental Education, in 1977 which formulated objectives and principles for developing environmental education. These conferences showed that the most essential need was to help create social consciousness and awareness about the harm caused by ecological disruptions. According to UNESCO, “Environmental education is a way of implementing the goals of environmental protection. It is not a separate branch of science but lifelong interdisciplinary field of study” (The International Workshop on Environmental Education ). As pointed out by UNESCO, the goals of environmental education are to create environmental awareness in the world population. UNESCO
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