Environmental Background Of Ge 's External Environmental Factors

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2. Environmental background 2.1 External environmental factors GE’s external environmental factors basically includes raw materials, industry, financial and human resource, market, technology, and environmental as well as socio-cultural factors. GE as a vast consists of different segments and each of this segments are in different industrial sectors. Thus, each of this sectors face different external factors and furthermore, environmental uncertainty is not consistent. Natural Physical Environment - Sustainability Issues: GE’s is newly based on renewable and natural sources of energy like wind, solar, coal etc. It is trying to increase and improve its scope to sustain in future. GE’s only threat is the carbon emission and non-renewable…show more content…
“To keep a pace with situation” is a big challenge for GE. Demand for healthcare gradually increased due to a rapid swift in development of science and technology. Also a vast spread of “super bacteria” far and wide in globe was a boon for pharmaceutical industry. It undoubtedly created a great condition for development of GE Pharmaceutical industry. 2.2 Internal environmental factors: Strength and Weakness GE internal strategies includes organizational adjustment and business restructuring. It core competency includes ‘innovation’ and ‘diversification’. Its performance of diversity is that GE has several business segments in different regions. Its Energy Segment provides water treatment equipment and services and also manufactures generators, gas, steam, renewable energy solutions as well as combined cycle systems. GE’s Capital Finance segment provides end user equipment’s, capital assets and supplies leasing and commercial lending products to several distributors. Consumer and Industrial segment produces various home appliances, lighting and control products. Its NBC Universal segment indulges in operation and distribution of television programs and films, production television stations and so on. Corporate Culture: Main aspects that form major culture of GE are 1. Their peoples: It believes that employee are a base in delivering

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