Environmental Challenges Facing The American Auto Industry

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Written assignment unit 5. The automobile industry is occupying a special place in the world economy. Since its creation by the end of the nineteenth century, automobile has got a tremendous expansion worldwide and in the United States in particular, so much so that the country witnessed the fastest development of the automobile and the emergence of world largest automobile manufacturers. In this paper, we are going to analyse the environmental challenges facing the American auto industry through the following environmental facets; the global competition in the industry, New technology for powering automobile, the effect of emissions on the environment and government reactions to this and consumer opinions about this product. Global competition in the industry. The time when the three giant of the American auto industry General Motors, Ford and Chrysler used to battle among themselves is over, the three giant are still there but the battlefield has changed a lot the competition has moved from a domestic fight to a global one, modifying the structure, the strategy and the organization of these giants. The change in the market structure is primarily due to two factors; first the world economic conditions are no more the same and also consumers taste is shifting. The capacity offered to consumers through new technologies of communication has transformed the planet into a small village, the possibility to compare the prices of almost every product before effecting a purchase has
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