Environmental Challenges Facing The American Auto Industry Essay

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Environmental Challenges Facing the American Auto Industry

• The global competition in the industry
• New technology for powering the product that industry produces
• The effect of emissions on the environment and government reactions
• The consumer opinions about the product the industry produces

The Environmental Challenges Facing the American Auto Industry According to the Environmental Protection article at www.eponline.com, it states that the environmental issues top the list of challenges in the automotive industry, outranking the cost reduction for the first time in 14 years. The survey was conducted by DuPont and the Society of the Automotive Industry. The survey results included the following results and statistics:
 In 10 years, vehicles will run on bio-based diesel fuel (27 percent); petroleum-based diesel (20 percent), and E85 (20 percent). Only 18 percent predict gasoline will dominate.
 For the fifth consecutive year, alternatively powered vehicles are predicted to have the greatest impact on the industry. Sixty percent selected alternatively powered vehicles in 2008, while 15 percent selected safety features and 16 percent selected electrical/electronic advances.
 Fifty-four percent of respondents say that fuel-efficient vehicles with reduced environmental impact are important to consumers. Forty-one percent say enhanced safety and 37 percent say improved comfort and convenience are important to consumers.

Global Competition in the auto industry
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