Environmental Challenges Facing The American Auto Industry Essay

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Environmental Challenges facing the American Auto Industry The American Auto Industry has evolved for many decades with pioneers such as Ford Motor Company. The United States Auto Industry was once upon a time a global leader in the automotive industry but due to knowledge and skills acquisition by other automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, the once American Auto Industry leadership has been surpassed. I will give discuss this following paragraphs. Global Competition in the Industry So far the Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan has surpassed all the American Auto Industry such as Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Toyota has also topped the world ' most admired Vehicles Industry according to Fortune Magazine. There are various factors that have made the American Auto Industry to face stiff competition. The following are some factors: Innovation: Toyota 's was the first company to introduce a full hybrid system of vehicles and is the most popular hybrid system in the world. On the other hand, American Auto Industry was late at adopting this hybrid technology. They were using high gas consuming technology which was environmentally unsustainable. Design Technology Toyota Motor Corporation pursues design that resonates with customer sensitivities worldwide. It has therefore incorporated designers globally with diverse cultural backgrounds from bases in Japan, North America and Europe. This gives Toyota a truly global competitive edge over its American Auto rivals such as
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