Environmental Challenges Facing the Aviation Industry

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Introduction Aviation industry is a critical part of national economy in most countries across the globe. It facilitates movement of people and goods throughout the world, enabling fast and efficient economic growth. In the last two decades, there has been a constant outcry from various stakeholders on the impact of environmental pollution from aviation industry (Ian A. Waitz, 2004). Despite several progresses, that has been made to curb environmental vice. There is still a compelling and urgent need to address the environmental effects of air transportation. This is due to strong growth in demand; emission of some pollutants from aviation is increasing against a background of emissions reductions from many other sources. In addition, progress on noise reduction has reduced. Millions of people are highly affected by these side effects of aviation. As a result of these factors and the rising value being placed on environmental quality, there are increasing constraints on the mobility, economic vitality and security in the nation. Airport expansion plans have been delayed or canceled due to concerns over local air quality, water quality and community noise impacts. Military readiness is challenged by restrictions on operations. These effects are anticipated to grow as the economy and demand for air transportation grow. If not addressed, environmental impacts may well be the fundamental constraint on air transportation growth in the 21st century (Ian A. Waitz, 2004). In
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