Environmental Challenges Ghana Faces and Suggested Solutions

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Environmental management can be described as the process by which the collection of policies, structures, resources, systems and processes are brought to mutual interplay for the achievement of clearly defined environmental policy directives (EPA). Ghana, a developing country, is facing so many environmental challenges despite the policies put in place by the various institutions to help curb this problem. Some of these challenges are lack of proper waste management, deforestation, pollution, land or soil degradation, desertification and resource depletion among others. This essay seeks to elaborate briefly on some of the main environmental challenges confronting Ghana and also throw more light on the concept of sustainable development. To…show more content…
For a land to be ready for any agriculture activity there should be clearing of land. This includes the cutting down of tress and burning of slash. Furthermore, the increasing use of agricultural chemicals also helps the air to be polluted. Tema being Ghana’s most industrious city has its industries always polluting the air. Almost everyday, effluents gases are released in the atmosphere by these industries. Also the emission of greenhouse gases and hydrocarbons to the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels helps promote air pollution in Ghana. Again, the burning of fuels by most machines pollutes the air by releasing gases in to the atmosphere. One of the gases produced is Carbon Monoxide (CO). Also, the continued smoking of tobacco products helps promote the pollution of air in Ghana. The emission of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from compressed cans and sprays. Out of these, the emission of CFCs are the most catastrophic as it destroys the ozone layer, which protects the Earth from the harmful Ultra-violet rays of the Sun causing skin cancer. One of the most drastic causes of air pollution in Ghana is the centered on the unscientific mining activities which is popularly known as “Galamsey”. Through the mining activities, the air is polluted by introducing much dust in the atmosphere. Water pollution in Ghana is also caused by throwing of both liquid and solid waste such as industrial waste, sewage grey water in our water bodies which

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