Environmental Challenges Of The American Auto Industry

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Environmental Challenges in the American Auto Industry The Automobile industry volume of growth has tremendously escalated in the United States. Years ago there were about 700 million vehicles registered in the world back in 1999, within the USA it contributed over 200 million passenger cars and trucks. In the 1990s, the number of vehicles in the United States had tripled six times faster than the human population back from 1969 to a global perspective on the environmental challenges. This is unbelievable, how industry multiplied and monopolized from years ago. All these issues point to the importance environmental concerns as they relate to the automotive industry. Recently the auto industry and its suppliers were addressed the…show more content…
Companies have to keep up with the market and meet consumer demands. The competition along the value chain means to work smarter to design and create automobile around the budget of faster, better, cheaper which in return would be less work. If inputs intensify, the company’s profitability will crumble. The Government Polices cannot control competition through subsidies. The New Technology for Powering the product that Auto Industry produces. Years ago in 1900 the cars were steam powered; now as we advance in the future, we have gas, electric, and battery. Amazing how the world changed in 80 years. I witness how the automobile industry changes in 30 thirty years. In today world cars now have cameras installed to see behind them as well as in their blind spots, for safely driving conditions. Also, the car blinkers on the mirrors let drivers know when turning, caution protection.

Another feature is the brakes system to support driver assistance the self-driving car. Also, the Bluetooth system hand free voice activation enhancing the safe driver program. The opening and closing of the electric doors.
The keyless entry and the remote start up to ignition on the car. The censors that beep when backing up. The most important one is the seatbelt warning when it does not click in.
The effect of emissions on the environment and Government reactions to it. The automobile is the greatest source of air pollution as emissions are from millions of vehicles on the
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