Environmental Challenges Of The American Auto Industry

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Environmental Challenges in the American Auto Industry The Automobile industry volume of growth has tremendously escalated in the United States. Years ago there were about 700 million vehicles registered in the world back in 1999, within the USA it contributed over 200 million passenger cars and trucks. In the 1990s, the number of vehicles in the United States had tripled six times faster than the human population back from 1969 to a global perspective on the environmental challenges. This is unbelievable, how industry multiplied and monopolized from years ago. All these issues point to the importance environmental concerns as they relate to the automotive industry. Recently the auto industry and its suppliers were addressed the concerns of to the environmental issues in their products. These Automobile companies in the USA have large global corporations (Companies like GM, Ford, Toyota, and Daimler Chrysler) were well informed about technological, sociological, and legal trends across the globe that are calling for improved environmental performance. Factoring the impact on emissions, climate change, and fuel economy. The Global Competition in the Auto Industry. Many elements are considered in the auto industry globally. The Market of competition between companies are providing the same service in the industry. These companies have to keep an eye open on the local competitors and competitors worldwide. Every day new designs and innovative ideas are invented, the…
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