Environmental Challenges Of The Tampa Bay Area

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Current environmental challenges in the Tampa Bay Area
There are many areas in Tampa that will be unfortunately underwater. As we saw with the heavy rains in late 2015, the most vital areas such as Westshore Ave, South Tampa, Bayshore Ave, and even Downtown had major flooding causing delays in traffic and safety anxieties. While the flooding only lasted a few days, the event brought attention to the Tampa’s faulty infrastructure and drainage systems. An alarming thought is how Tampa will be able to protect itself from a storm or the rising sea levels if the drainage systems are inadequate. The Tampa Bay area is due for a natural disaster any day now; the coastal area is highly vulnerable. According to Sara Kerr, “One place that we have to look carefully at is Tampa where there is a huge concentration at risk from a storm surge, but there hasn’t been an event for 150 years and so the city is fairly complacent about its risk” (2015). A possible catastrophe can pose as an environmental challenge in Tampa Bay as the highly populous areas will not be able to withstand rising sea levels that will occur.
The location of the main general hospital in the city was clearly not chosen with sustainability in mind. Tampa General Hospital, one of the highest rated hospitals in Florida, is located on low-lying Davis Island connected to Downtown Tampa by two narrow bridges. When the city experiences tropical storms, this area is susceptible to extreme flooding. Typically, locals can find…
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