Environmental Changes to Marketing Mix

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Forces in the marketing environment that lead to changes in the past 5 to 10 years to the company 's marketing mix:

The different aspects of the marketing mix will be assessed with regards to the forces in the marketing environment for ice-cream and food retailer, the Swenson 's Group ("the Company") operating in the Thai market. The context in which the changes in marketing mix will be examined will be based on their products, eg: ice-cream and food – economic and the services, eg: customer service, retail premises etc.

Describe more about the company/product.

PROMOTION: The Company 's traditional promotion of its products and services was via the usage of media, ie: television and radio, as these were the pre-dominantly
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Equivalent statistics today shows an increased by 25%. (*Asian Market Research News – October 2002). The implications of such increase in the middle class income group means this particular group would be targeted by most business, ie: target marketing. The demand for quality products/services would outweigh price considerations. The Company, capitalizing on the exponential growth in this segment has adopted the following changes to their marketing mix aspect of Price and Products.

PRICE: A typical customer in this market segment would demand quality products / services. The Company over the past years have increased the quality of their ice-cream duly enhancing its taste, by the usage of better quality raw materials, eg: milk, flavouring, in their products. Though this would increase their base production cost, profit margins are enhanced by charging customer a premium for making available quality ice-cream. The premium charged would be relative to the cost of dining at fast food chains such as McDonalds, Burger King etc. What would previously be considered a basic priced item in the market would now be premium priced to provide the perceived value to the targeted market segment.

PROCESS/PLACE: A customer who pays a premium to dine at a Swenson 's retail outlet would desire a conducive, pleasant yet stylish dining environment. Swenson 's have adopted retail outlets which display a
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