Environmental Climate, The Stakeholders

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This case study is about environmental climate, the stakeholders’ role in project environment, the cost of increasing resources within an organisation, and also growing capability of information technology, the need to conduct project at different places for companies to adopt availability of competence project development in an environment, and also promote inexpensive manpower elsewhere. Organisations has several fully fledged projects conducted by different large scale projects, however such projects are called project of projects that influence by stakeholders throughout the project life cycle, due to the risk associated with misaligned perception the integration of various projects environment becomes challenge, i.e. cost, schedule, quality, human resources and communication. Contents: This study discuss factors influence project context and progress in environment and also highlighted that, communication is an important issues when conducted projects in a environment with different work culture, a multiple players that has large scale project having their own smaller size, but full scale project covers wider particular area, involves organisational finances and capabilities that is beyond the capacity of one organisation which are called project of projects. Therefore the beginning of development and implementation of such project are not appropriately considered and communicated to the stakeholders, in one hand this can carry on host of developing change in the

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