Environmental Costs Classification : Prevention Activities Essay

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Environmental costs classification
Prevention Activities:
- Offer free coach buses to commute to and from Apple’s corporate offices(A)
- Install high-definition flow sensors and sub-meters in landscaping to reduce irrigation needs (W)
- Create new solar energy projects (W)
- Develop an innovative cooling system to reuse water (W)
- Design light and small packaging (L)
- Create technologies that use paper more efficiently (L)
- Form own green chemistry advisory board to minimize or eliminate toxin in supply chain (L)
- Recycle Apple products(A)
- Invent Liam, new iPhone recycling robot
Detection Activities:
- Conduct regular audits to ensure that suppliers source virgin paper form sustainably managed forests or controlled wood source (L)
- Detailed energy audits at supplier facilities(A)
- Regular audits of the Transportation, Disposal, and Storage Facilities (TSDF)(A)
- Assess the different chemicals using 18 different criteria(AW)
- Testing hazardous chemicals (AW)
- Measure water footprint (W)
Internal Failure Activities:
- After Apple identify toxins from manufacturing, recycling processes and products, Apple reduce them, remove them, or develop new materials that are safer(AW)
- Reengineered manufacturing process to reincorporate the scrap aluminum(A)
- Recycling scrap(AWL)
- Diverted pounds of materials from landfill through recycling and composting(L)
External Failure Activities:
- Tons of greenhouse gas emissions (77%manufacturing.17% product usage,1%
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