Environmental Crime

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Running Head: Environmental Crime Environmental Crime [Name] [School] In partial fulfillment of the requirements for [subject] [Professor] [Date] ABSTRACT Environmental Crime is a very serious crime not only to the present society but also to the next generation of humans, animals and plants. This is a serious matter that affects the whole plant. This research paper discusses the definition of environmental crime, a few examples of companies that had committed environmental crime, environmental laws and crime punishment of the companies who had committed these crimes. Definition of Environmental Crime Environmental Crime is very hard to define. Some people say that it is a white…show more content…
These corporations had been proven to have committed crime against the environment. The most familiar environmental crimes that had been publicized in the media are the Wal Mart, General Motors Corporations and Exxon Mobil Corporation. Other corporations that would be shown in this research is the Norlite Company and Skanska. The Wal-Mart had been known for building an estimate of 200 stores annually. These stores had shown to be a major contributor of water pollutants in the water quality of the areas in 24 constrution sites in nine states. The company has been charged with storm water violations. The company had failed to place control water pollutants runoff, ineffective controls and failure of inspection in sites that had release sediments to ecological communities. (Crime and Punishment in America Vol 1, 2004) Water pollution affects the ecosystem in rivers and lakes. If water pollution had been not prevented by the government because of these stores, then most likely the bodies of water in America’s water quality may have been affected. The General Motors Corporation had been charged of selling vehicles that did not meet with the regulations of the Clean air Act. The Cadillac models from 1991 to 1995 had been equipped with devices that causes build up of Carbon Monoxide, three times the normal content of automobiles. The company added this devices to address the stalling engine complaints from the customers. (Crime and Punishment in America Vol 1, 2004)
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