Environmental Degradation And Its Effects On Our Environment

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We, as humans, have always had a prevalent impact on our environment and our world as a whole. Not only has our societal presence caused negative global impact, but our expedited population growth has also had an extreme physical impact on earth. An example of the effects of our extensiveness is, “…86% of the world 's resources are consumed by only the wealthiest one fifth of humanity…” (globalissues.org). this means that 4/5ths of the planet already has limited access to resources that are naturally found on earth. In addition to our excessive consumption of the earth natural resources, environmental degradation is the result of extreme pollution and wastes that have made their way into our atmosphere. Because of our severe impact on nature, it is crucial that we stop the accelerated deterioration of our environment by decreasing our misuse of earth’s natural resources, reducing the use of unnecessary technology in our environment and practicing more ecologically responsible lifestyles. This “can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations” (thrall.org).
The earth’s immense population is one of the biggest factors for environmental degradation. In the reading ‘Easter’s End’ by Jared Diamond, he discussed the extinction of the Polynesian people of Easter Island. One of the biggest reasons why they went extinct was because they wiped out their only forest, ran out of life-sustaining soil and turned to cannibalism. This
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