Environmental Design

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Environmental Systems
Assignment 2
Ideas Competition

“Submit a proposal of you ideas that explore innovation, sustainability and pragmatics” The Faculty of Architecture Building & Planning is being uprooted and relocated to allow the demolition of the current building. In this assignment I am not going to discuss the potential green, eco friendly, sustainability aspects that could be incorporated into the new building, rather focus on the possibilities that are created when a facility of this magnitude is dispersed. There are hundreds of people affected by this large-scale event. All the offices, tutorial rooms, computer labs, library and lecture auditoriums now need to be
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Used shipping containers are a perfect recyclable ready-made structure. All that is needed is a solid foundation for the containers to be assembled on and then it is a very quick building operation. They are a readily available building resource. The average container life is 2-3years before it is liquidated for newer leased models.
They are also incredibly cheap, $1500-$2000 is an average price paid for a used container. For an approximate 24m2 area (size of 40ft container) to be built for that price before fixtures and fittings is unobtainable using conventional building methods.
The containers themselves are built to resist the ferocious environment of the world’s oceans making them perfect land-based building blocks. The thick tubular steel frames are designed to carry up to 20 tons.

Quick assembly of ready-made containers.

The 40foot long rectangular shape of a shipping container is perfect for offices, tutorial rooms, computer labs and ideal of student accommodation. See images below.

Computer labs within container.

The entire computer infrastructure will need to be relocated during that time including the library, not to mention the desks and chairs, all the internal fittings, these would be perfect for use in the container building. Then when the container buildings are internally remodeled to create student accommodation each unit could be come
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