Essay on Environmental Differences

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Environmental differences affected social, political, and economic institutions in the Delhi Sultanate, the Swahili city-states, and Mali. Many of these differences helped the civilizations, but some affected them badly. Mali had abundant rainfall and a very tropic climate which helped with the fertile soil in the area for farming. Although there was also high mountain ranges and plateaus that had cooler weather and shorter growing seasons. Malians adapted to this tropic climate by using their positive environmental factors to outweigh their negatives. Although the mountainous regions took space from farming areas, there was abundant wild food and fish that helped the Malian civilization develop without farming, agriculture, or herding.…show more content…
These ports and ships would have to be fixed every sea travel because although they used higher value metals for their ships, most ships still couldn’t without the strong tidal waves mostly because this trading system occurred in 1200 C.E. Communication was also a big problem that people had to adapt to, to participate in the Indian Ocean trading system. Miscommunication usually occurred from the environment and weather. Messengers would be delayed because of the weather patterns and environment. People that participated in the Indian Ocean trading system had to use more durable wagons and once again, ships. Crops that were usually traded in the Indian Ocean trading system were rice, wheat, millet, etc. These crops can grow in the Indian Ocean climate which is why these crops are mostly traded in the Indian Ocean trading system. Civilizations and cities that used the Indian Ocean trade system realized that conditions could be harsh. Sometimes goods and crops could not be traded due to the environment which is why civilizations usually didn’t only depend on the Indian Ocean trading system. 4. Environmental factors changed the social and cultural beliefs and systems of various civilizations in the Indian Ocean basin. Human civilizations adapt to many different environments in different ways. Civilizations that live in or near the Indian Ocean basin receive abundant rainfall. The civilizations that live in the Indian Ocean basin mobilize
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