Environmental Education And The Urban Challenges

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The topic I propose to develop my research in is environmental education and the urban challenges it faces. The urgency of the current state of the environmental agenda makes it necessary to promote environmental awareness in all generations as indispensable for a sustainable future. Despite this, environmental education is still absent in most school programs and struggles to compete with “formal education” when in fact they should be one and the same. Efforts to change this have been recorded and so I propose to review literature on the topic. First, the literature research will approach definition of environmental education as well as education for sustainable development and definition and understanding of urban environmental…show more content…
What is the current situation and context surrounding that topic? You should overview the general subject area (and, where possible, the theoretical foundation as reported in published work) and identify, in relation to the relevant reading you will have covered, a general problem that you can tackle in your research.]
Sustainable development interconnects with the economic growth, nature conservation and the concept of equality for all. Environmental education is a complex and dynamic field, and so, a difficult one to assess. But given the urgency of the topic, its evaluation and better understanding may provide us with the tools necessary to pursue sustainability. My primary motivation for the research resides in the importance of sustainability as a vital practice for the future. The best way to do this is through the spreading of knowledge and improvement of education and learning and find what can be done to enhance it.
I find that it is necessary to understand the history and implementation of environmental education. The use of the term environmental education itself is not considered relevant, especially due to the fact that there is little agreement on it. Different authors have different opinions, such as Disinger (1993), Wheeler (1985) and Sterling (1992). It is considered important, however, the actors in the history of events that sought out for the need for an education for sustainable development.
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