Environmental Education And The Urban Challenges

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The topic I propose to develop my research in is environmental education and the urban challenges it faces. The urgency of the current state of the environmental agenda makes it necessary to promote environmental awareness in all generations as indispensable for a sustainable future. Despite this, environmental education is still absent in most school programs and struggles to compete with “formal education” when in fact they should be one and the same. Efforts to change this have been recorded and so I propose to review literature on the topic. First, the literature research will approach definition of environmental education as well as education for sustainable development and definition and understanding of urban environmental education. Also, the research will approach examples of environmental education taking place previously recorded. After gathering information, it might be pertinent to compare literature findings with the London example of implementation and success level in the field of environmental education. By measuring the implementation of environmental education, it will be possible to identify its strengths and weaknesses and what can be done to improve. Quantitative and qualitative methods will be used to determine the level of importance is given to environmental education and measure its success of implementation.
2. Background
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