Environmental Effects Of A Shopping Mall

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Tearing up the park and replacing with a shopping to fulfill the gluttonous greed of our capitalist nation, will not only harm the ecosystem and cost millions of tax-paying dollars, but severely harm the children physically and mentally.

A shopping mall is a large investment to make, referring to the ecosystem and money. Constructing a pollutant in our town will aggravate the ecosystem. Cutting down trees will cause an oxygen deficiency as well as harm any species and ecosystems living there. The process of building a mall emits air pollution into the atmosphere, which will also occur when the mall is finished. Moving on, mall have not been making business of late and are shutting down.
Time calculates “By 2022, analysts estimate that 1 out of every 4 malls in the U.S. could be out of business” (Time). Manufacturing a mall now is not the best idea economically. In addition, Fixr makes us aware that malls “run at an average of $24.9 million to complete” (Fixr). Paying 24.9 million dollars to build soon to close mall that will hurt the ecosystem is a poor judgment call.

Furthermore, in our current society, children are being limited to the access to the clean outside world. They choose to remain inside on the computer, rather than having a childhood playing with friends outside and are suffering physically. With fast food industries taking over, children have no way to work off the pounds of grease and fat they consume. According to the American Heart Association, “...
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