Environmental Effects Of Gene And Their Infant Son Sam Details Many Environmental Effects That Can Influence Sam 's Development

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Introduction to Case Study The case study discussing Jane, Roberto, and their infant son Sam details many environmental effects that can influence Sam’s development. Using the environmental factors from the case study, the best and worst case scenarios will be explored concerning Sam’s development. Jane and Roberto live in a rural area with little to no support system. However, Jane’s mother and Roberto get along well, and she has offered to move in with the family temporarily. Jane has requested 12-weeks of maternity leave once Sam is born, but she is also considering going back to work early. Jane also reports drinking alcohol throughout the pregnancy, consuming the largest amount during the third trimester when Roberto was laid off. There is suspicion that Sam has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), however, the diagnosis has not been confirmed. Sam has been at home with his parents for two weeks. Sam’s parents feel he is a fussy eater who eats every two hours and does not sleep through the night. The complicated interplay of environmental factors can shape Sam’s development in many ways.
Discussion of Environmental Factors Many environmental factors begin affecting development during pregnancy and after delivery. Significant factors include Jane’s alcohol use during pregnancy, the stress Jane experiences during the third trimester due to Roberto’s layoff, and Sam’s 6-week preterm birth by C-Section. Alcohol is a teratogen that can potentially affect a developing
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