Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuel Exploration and Extraction

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As the fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, LPG and coal mixed gas and so on, has been used in the modern production process since the industrial revolution happened, the environment effects of fossil fuels’ exploration and extraction is the biggest concerns for public life. To illustrate this, data collected by Marland, Boden, Andres, Brenkert and Johnston (2003) points out that the fossil fuels industry has caused the release of approximately 337 billion metric tons of carbon to atmosphere since 1751, and the greenhouse gases’ accumulation caused by the industry can increase the risk of heat waves, droughts, malnutrition and other disasters (Haines, Kovats, Campbell-Lendrum and Corvalán, 2006), leading to social panic and complaints. Fossil…show more content…
Also, data collected by Moffatt and Pless-Mulloli (2003) indicates that 19 of the 31 families surveyed, from four communities near opencast coal mine in the North-East of England, had children who had been suffered from asthma, which shows that solid particles in air has a negative effect on human’s health conditions. Hence, it could be concluded that air pollution during the process of fossil fuels’ exploration and extraction effects badly on climate change and public health. Land subsidence is another negative effect of fossil fuels’ exploration and extraction. In this essay, land subsidence could be explained as a phenomenon that the surface of earth sinks due to the resource exploration and extraction. According to Shi, Jiang, Li and Yang (2013), the original balance in embracing rock is destroyed during the coal extraction process, and the collapse area will be formed if the stress surpasses the intensity of rock. For example, the images collecting from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) indicate that oilfields in central California has got a subsidence rate of up to 400 millimeters per year or 1 millimeter per day.(Fielding, Blom and Goldstein,1998).Shi, Jiang, Li and Yang (2013) also states that nearly 50 coalfields in china have been experiencing land subsidence since 1980.A typical example could be given that Xuzhou Coalfield of Jiangsu province had a subsidence area of more than 50 square kilometres, whose volume was 60%-70% of the

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