Environmental Ethics Exam #2

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Environmental Ethics Exam #2 Explain how our need to create worldviews is related to our strangeness. Explain it in terms of the insights we have developed in class regarding strangeness. Explain the Hindu and Modern worldviews, and explain how the Christian worldview affects the Modern worldview. The explanations for the worldviews contribute to our strangeness, how they affect our view of nature, and how they affect the way we act toward nature. Before I begin discussing our need to create worldviews in relation to our strangeness, it is important to define unfamiliar terms. First, strangeness, strangeness, as we defined in class is being out of place; it’s dysfunctional. Second, a worldview, as defined in class is, the way in which we identify our cultural system in terms of the world around us, our existence/self, nature and others. There are three worldviews which we discussed. They are: Modern worldview, Christian worldview and Hindu worldview. Now that we have the basics down, our need to make or create worldviews is related to our strangeness in a variety of ways. We, as humans instinctually want to find order-strangeness is the opposite of order. As a way to cope with the inevitable disorder of life we establish or create worldviews. These worldviews allow us to believe what we want and use our beliefs as a conduit for action. If a worldview does not accomplish what we want it to we have three results: conflict, coexist or assimilate. Thus our need to make new
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