Environmental Factors Affecting Businesses

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Some of the external factors can be controlled while a large portion of them can not be controlled yet they can be managed and are under the influence of the company. These factors comprise the marketing environment whereby there exist environmental factors that influence the decisions of the company. This paper will look at the domestic and global environmental which impact the marketing decisions of Pepsi Company.
Pepsi Company is among the leading beverage and snack company that is found in the United States. It is affected by several environmental factors that have an impact on its marketing decisions. These are factors that have to be addressed to ensure that the Pepsi products are successful in the global and international markets. These include;
Global economic interdependence and the effect of trade practices and agreements
Global economic interdependence means that there is mutual dependence on a global level. One country depends on another for a particular commodity while that country depends on another for a different commodity. This leads to a global interdependence contributed by importation and exportation of goods. Global economic interdependence means that the different companies' economies have a connection in that if one fails the failure impacts all the other companies. Pepsi can therefore…
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