Environmental Factors Affecting Human Evolution Essay

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All living organisms in one way or another interact with the natural eco-system that is on Earth, which consists of the mixture of atmospherical, ocean, and land systems. As time progressed, the eco-system of Earth changed resulting in genetic mutation, migration to different environments better suited to preferred habitats, and extinction. Genetic mutations appeared in cases that led to the birth of new species by creating further genetic differences that allows more of a kind of species to survive by increase the chances of producing offspring and give adaptations to survive based around a new habitat. Furthermore, responses to environmental factors show that records of some organisms responded by creating change to their environments instead of themselves. Humans, with larger brains than other animals, have shown to do this substatially well as they possess greater intelligence than other life forms on Earth. This raises the possibily that environmental factors affected the evolution processes of Homo sapiens. From the study of fossil records from dispersive environmental conditions, they show to have stimulated developmental features because of the environment thus affecting human evolution. Over the years, diverse groups of human ancestry have emerged from different climates with evidence of adaptaions such as, little to no body hair, heavy amounts of hair on face and head, skin color, upright walking, increase of cranial size, and ability to understand the creation and
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