Environmental Factors And The Development Of Schizophrenia

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Environmental factors are crucial to the development of schizophrenia. A traumatic experience in early childhood can cause schizophrenia in the future for example sexual or physical abuse. It carries over to adulthood. According to some studies, the age of the father contributes to the risk of schizophrenia. The older the father the greater the risk because of the “genetic mutation in the sperm that can be passed on.” (Berkshire Health System, 2014) History of Treatment Upon archeological discovery, bodies found with holes drilled into the skull from the fourteenth and fifteenth century. It is believed that it was an attempt to cure the demons by allowing them to escape. CITE During the middle ages, when the church ruled, mental illness was considered a punishment from god. Those suffering would be directed to the church for confession and prayer for forgiveness. It was during this time when Weyer proposed the idea of an unsound mind. During the 18th century, the mentally ill were normally cared for by family or loved ones. In acute situations, were they jailed or institutionalized. Social reformers began protesting against the detention of the mentally ill in jails. The conditions they were in were degrading and inhumane (Glazer, 2014). In 1752, the Quakers in Philadelphia dedicated the basement in the Pennsylvania Hospital for the disturbed. There were rooms with shackles attached to the walls to serve the few mentally ill patients. Later, their unit expanded and the
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