Environmental Factors

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Environmental Factors Paper Dallas Brekke MKT 461 - Marketing March 11, 2007 Environmental Factors Paper In any company, external factors exist that have an effect on the firms operations. Much of the time, these factors are largely uncontrollable and can only be managed and influenced to the best of the firm 's ability. These factors are what make up the marketing environment. In this paper, we will explore some of the domestic and global environmental factors that may impact Dell Computer Corporation 's marketing decisions, how technology impacts Dell 's marketing decisions, and we will also take a look at the importance of social responsibility and ethics as related to Dell 's marketing ventures. Dell Computer Corporation is…show more content…
This can be accomplished through business activities that protect the consumer, preserve the natural environment, reflect moral and ethical choices, and add value to the world as a whole. Dell has recognized the need to be a socially responsible and ethical organization, and has taken steps to prove to the consumer that this is so. One such step is the company 's recycling campaign, aimed to protect the environment and convey to the consumer that Dell cares. Dell operates clean factories in accordance with federal guidelines, but the company goes one step further. Electronics have become an ever-growing part of America 's trash as more and more electronic components become obsolete. Dell computers, along with all other types, contain metals that can be toxic. These computers may also contain re-useable materials that can be detached or rebuilt and used again. Dell tries to keep these materials out of the landfills, and to do so the company set up Dell Recycling. This effort makes it possible for all Dell customers to exchange, drop off, mail in, or have picked up any old computer equipment in need of disposal, even that of competing companies. Dell with then either refurbish the old equipment and donate it to charity, or dismantle the machines and dispose of them in an environmentally responsible way. Dell also
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