Environmental Factors Of Little Indian Restaurant

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The environmental factors refer to external and internal factor that influences on the business External factors happen outside the business and some factors are beyond the control. Environmental factors that can affect the business are the physical, cultural, demographic, economic, political, regulatory, and technological (Neil Kokemuller, 2015). Little India restaurant has been chosen to complete this research on. Little India is a fine dining Indian restaurant which is established in 2011 in Invercargill, Southland.
Little India, Invercargill is a franchise restaurant. Little India Restaurant has more than 25 branches in all over New Zealand and one restaurant branch is in Melbourne, Australia. First Little India restaurant was established in 1991 In Dunedin by grandma. She started this business as Indian takeaway food corner and after great responses she turn Indian takeaway food corner concept into fine dining Indian Restaurant.
The main objective of the study is to examine environmental factors that affect the survival, operations and growth of the restaurant business In Southland. To achieve the above objectives, face-to-face interview
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Guests may seek a memorable experience away from home and they do not want feel like at home. Customer wants fine dining experience with high quality food and service, dining atmosphere, ambience and facilities. These physical factors can affect the restaurant business most. To capture how guest saw these physical factors in the restaurant the DINESCAPE scale was used in the research. DINESCAPE scale means man- made physical designing in dining area of the restaurant, which includes architectural design, interior design, lighting, ambience, layout, table settings, and staff. These physical factors help in attracting new customers and retaining restaurant

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