Environmental Factors Play a Key Role in the Development of Any Human Being

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Environmental factors play a key role in the development of any human being. Within a family unit, the ones who are closest can effect the way they are to be as adults. Adam Trask grew up with his half-brother, Charles. He had a “difficult relationship with [him because he} was jealous of him and [beat] him when they [were] boys” (“East”). Fighting for the love of Cyrus Trask, Charles took his anger out on Adam, scarring him and his view of his brother. Adam had no control within the feelings of Charles, making him that more repelled by the idea of his abusive brother. Biblically paralleled with Cain, Charles truly affects Adam’s look on any type of Cain figure that crosses paths with him, such as the effects of Cathy after she breaks his heart. Adam’s son, Aron Trask, also has a Cain figure in his life as well. Aron is the “innocent, good brother, in contrast to the aggressive, malicious Caleb” just as Adam was in contrast with Charles (“East”). He and his twin brother aren’t as aggressive as Adam and Charles were, but mentally and verbally. Caleb abuses Aron when he told Abra that Aron put a snake in her box making her reject him. Caleb is also jealous of Aron, but for his popularity. Charles and Caleb both effect Adam and Aron in a revealing way. When Charles tries to convince Adam that their dad was a liar, Adam immediately denies it, not wanting to accept the truth. As for Caleb telling Aron about their mother’s life as a prostitute, he reacts the same way when he is
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