Environmental Factors That Affect Intelligence

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Recently, people have deeper understanding of intelligence. This is an ability to learn or understand things or deal with new or difficult situations and can be improved by many measures. However, some experts argue whether intelligence can be affected by environmental elements or not. The other experts believe that intelligence is a complex result of environmental factors combined, and can not be affected in the early childhood. This essay will argue that environmental factors can affect intelligence because of the influence of prenatal factors, nutrition, and education. One reason that intelligence can be influenced by environmental factors is the prenatal factor. The negative effects on negative intake will change the body condition, especially in the pregnancy stage. Overusing drugs are the most dangerous way that can lead to an irreversible result. The binge using of certain drugs will increase the risk of low intelligence behaviors, especially in anti-epileptic drugs, such as carbamazepine, will cause great damage on children 's brain growth (Gaily et al. 2004). Riggins et al. (2012) also state that in prenatal stage, the mother exposure to drugs will cause incomplete development of the brain, leading to a negative result in intelligence, especially in memory function and cognitive ability. In addition, alcohol is another factor which can lead to low intelligence performance. According to Kesmodel et al. (2012), there 's a systemic or significant difference in the
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