Environmental Factors That Help Drive the Shanzhai Phenomenon

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Shanzhai Mobile Phone Case Environmental factors that help drive the Shanzhai Phenomenon Ready market The Shanzhai phenomenon has suffered influences and motivational factors that are directed at influencing growth and development within the production avenues. Several environmental influences have forced or influenced Shanzhai to its present success. The Chinese market is growing and developed within great avenues of performances. The market is ready in terms of its demands and preferences. Several scales of production are seen within the market. The market of growing and embracing the avenues of performances. The market is genuine and increasing. It depends on the products and services provided by the Shanzhai organization. From the view, o f the advantages of production, the new mechanisms of performances are crucial to the survival of the market. The rich market has allowed increased production within the organization (Zhang 23). In the entire description of the company, there is much respect and influence eminent form the market. There are several avenues of the market that increased the chances of Shanzhai success. For instance, the Shanzhai has been presented in a market that has a low entry of telecommunication gadgets and technologies. In other words, there is much description of an increasing economy that is being embraced by the people. The innovative nature of the people and the market influenced entry of new products and

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