Environmental Health Care Check List Essay

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• Wellness and prevention programs are offered to the public – Yes • Patients are discharged in a timely manner – Yes • Case management is the system of nursing care delivered for inpatient and outpatient care – Yes • Home care services are provided – Yes • Ambulatory or outpatient surgery services are offered – Yes • Opportunities exist for advanced practice nurses – Yes • Standardization of medical and nursing care plans are in effect using critical paths and evidence-based care – Yes • Skilled nursing units are available – Yes • Staffing requirements are based on acuity levels and optimum staffing models – Yes • Supervision of non-licensed personnel is by professional nurses – Yes • Information systems are in place –…show more content…
Nurses with experience and specialty skills are in demand. Also computers and advanced technology continues to evolve and it is important that nurses are offered more classes to make them more knowledgeable in these fields. More than half nursing care will eventually be provided outside of the hospital. Nurses need to be offered more educational programs to keep them up to date on care they will be expected to know outside of the hospital. All nurses should be encouraged to pursue more education if they desire to advance in their careers. “Nurses with specialty skills and experience are in demand. In particular demands are nurses with the ability to do the following: lead multidisciplinary teams, serve as patient educators, manage the continuity of care, or demonstrate a high level of skill in the operating room, recovery room, emergency room, intensive care unit, critical care areas, pediatric units, and labor and delivery.” (Ellen & Lanagn) Third I would address making leadership and management roles more prominent. I would include in all staff meetings that everyone has the opportunity of becoming a leader. Nurse leaders are out spoken, move others in the appropriate direction, and are usually called upon by other practicing nurses. A manager on the other hand, identifies problems and has the ability to lead and manage through difficult times. They also provide creative solutions, require control and use resources effectively
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