Environmental Impact Assessment ( Eia ) And Environmental Management Systems Essay

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Activity 3.4
How EIA and EMS complement each other.
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are seen to fit well together like a lock and a key. To understand this complementary between the two, one will evaluate both their characteristics. One well known example of an Environmental Management System is ISO 14001, the International Standard for environmental management systems (SABS ISO 14001:1996). This example will be used to compare and evaluate the link between EIA and EMS (DEAT, 2004).
EIA has a goal to ensure that during the planning phase all environmental factors are well considered where else ISO 14000’s goals is to ensure that all the environmental aspects, including the environmental factors and impacts are recognised and dealt with or controlled using the continues improvement requirement. The EIA process forms part of legal requirement, which stipulates that no development cannot commence if or when it exceeds a certain threshold listed in the legislated listed activities, without an authorisation. This is done as means of protecting the environment. Whilst in the EMS those conditions that have been legally provided in the authorisation will become part of compliance structure within the EMS and it has to implement through action of ensuring and as part of means in protecting the environment (DEAT, 2004).
During the planning phase the EIA has a set comprehensive environmental planning process that has to be strictly
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