Environmental Impact On Environmental Effects On 280 Hectares Forest Habitat

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After using this approach, some criteria for mitigation activities of mitigation banks are issued. It promoted the “watershed approach” which required landscape level plans and ecological strategic decisions about compensation. Then, it emphasized on wetland functions and values, and created the online database of mitigation projects.
US wetlands compensation system highlights on qualifying potential bankers which will meet the biodiversity offsets goals. This system proved that banking will provide more offset credits. Through this approach, U.S. has a great experience of biodiversity offsets.
The third representative biodiversity offset mechanism case is a Canada based project, Bruce to Milton Biodiversity Initiative by Hydro One Networks Inc. This project is use to remedy the adverse environmental effect that is caused by 2008 Bruce to Milton Transmission Reinforcement Project. The Hydro One estimated that the line reinforcement construction could make an adverse impact on 280 hectares forest habitat. Depend on detailed cases, the impact on the forest could be either destruction or degradation. Instead of using the hectare-for-hectare compensation approach via tree planting, Hydro one aim to achieve a higher goal of habitat No net loss. In addition, Hydro one also stated that they aim to achieve a net gain if it is possible in practice. For fulfilling this great goal successfully, Hydro one chose to work together with different relevant groups such as governments, ENGO…
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