Environmental Impact Report On California Department Of Transportation

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Thank you for providing the California Department of Transportation (Department) the opportunity to review and comment on the Notice of Preparation of a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Valley Corridor Specific Plan (Project). The project area would be oriented along a 1.25-mile corridor of Valley Boulevard between Alder and Spruce Avenues boundaries. The Project proposes land use and development framework to ultimately support approximately 1,093 housing units in residential and mixed-use projects and up to 1.9 million square feet of nonresidential building square footage comprised of a variety of retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and business development/office space on a 355 acre area. As the owner and operator of the State Highway System (SHS), it is our responsibility to coordinate and consult with local jurisdictions when proposed development may impact our facilities. As the responsible agency under the California Environmental Quality Act, it is also our responsibility to make recommendations to offset associated impacts with the proposed project. Although the project is under the jurisdiction of the County of San Bernardino, due to the project’s potential impact to the State facilities, it is also subject to the policies and regulations that govern the SHS. Our areas of concern, pertaining to State facilities, include hydrology/flooding and transportation/traffic issues. Due to these potentially significant impacts and because the south portion of
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