Environmental Impacts And Environmental Effects Of Mining

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Environmental effects of mining
Mining is the extraction of expensive minerals or metals from the earth. The economy cannot function without minerals and the products made from mining due to the fact that many of our daily used objects are not organically grown, but are man-made. Everything we rely on depends on mining minerals. Our homes are made out of foundations made of concrete. Water, electricity and gas are conducted though copper and steel wires. Several modes of transportation require coal fuel to power it. “The country was in the midst of an industrial revolution -- a period of great advances in technology -- and coal made it possible. Coal powered America's new factories. It fueled the ships and trains that enabled
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(Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia)”. Many People who worked in the mines or lived in the surrounding area died from Black lung disease by inhaling the dust. It was unavoidable to the low income families of miners who resided there. “Workers were paid by the ton, which encouraged them to hack with reckless haste and meant that any labor they expended making their environment safer went uncompensated. (Bill Bryson, 257)”. Bill Bryson later claims that “smoke was hovering wispily off the ground… great volumes of smoke were billowing from the earth over a large area (Bill Bryson, 260)”.
Lead mining, a toxic heavy metal, posed significant harm to human health, especially to children. Because children constantly put their hands to their mouth, play outdoors longer, and do not wash their hands often, they were the ones to be most commonly exposed. Families in lower income areas were highly affected as well because they lacked formal education. Lead exposure in children causes decreased intelligence quotient and neurobehavioral development. “Children are more vulnerable to lead exposure be-cause their digestive tract absorbs up to 50 % of the lead ingested (compared to 10–15 % in adults), the dose of lead contamination per unit body weight is higher and their developing brains are more susceptible to lead compared to adults (Ruzanna Grigoryan, et al)”.
Mining not only causes complications to our health but also
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